Case Study: xAPI makes reporting better at The Network, Inc.


The Network, Inc. is a leading provider of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) services. Their client base includes approximately half of the Fortune 500, and they represent nearly 27 million employees worldwide. They typically release communications and training to client employee populations of more than 60,000 users, worldwide, in more than 30 languages.


The Network was seeking a clear path to new technology for their e-Learning business model while maintaining support for their legacy Flash product. When looking toward a mobile solution, their LMS was not able to readily provide the support. In addition, SCORM did not provide finite learner experience tracking for their Flash product.


Riptide integrated their Elements LRS into the The Network’s proprietary LMS. The xAPI data captured by the Elements LRS was converted to a SCORM object and reported to The Network’s LMS. Eventually, The Network will be able to phase out SCORM reporting entirely by relying on xAPI and directly querying the LRS for reporting needs. Riptide Elements hosts and delivers The Network’s legacy Flash product and HTML5 versions with this integration to the The Network’s proprietary LMS.


By leveraging xAPI and a LRS (Learning Record Store), it allowed The Network to plot a path into new learning technologies that support a planned transition from old to new technology. The current implementation overcomes institutional LMS reporting and delivery deficiencies while providing a clear path to the future. This new solution provides improved performance, more accurate reporting, and mobile support in an increasingly bring-your-own-device (“BYOD”) market. Successful worldwide deployments to several large clients of The Network have been completed in over twenty different languages.

Tools Needed