Case Study: xAPI Conformance Test suite with xAPI at Riptide Software


Riptide Software is a CMMI Level 4 software company that provides software solutions in several industries. The Riptide Software Learning Division brings Elements® learning products to the international market through web and mobile solutions. Elements is a flexible, scalable, and configurable platform of learning services. Product development efforts align with the goals of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, and Riptide is a contributing member of the community, researching, developing and working within the standards for xAPI.


As a Learning Record Store (“LRS”) provider, there is a need to verify that your LRS conforms to the commonly adopted specification for the Experience API (“xAPI”). Because the xAPI specification is very broad, a clear mapping between a test case and its requirement is necessary. The ADL test requirements only reference the xAPI specification that are labeled as MUSTs. The testing requirements show a direct correlation between a requirement and the location of the requirement within the xAPI specification. Riptide Software needed to show this correlation for Elements LRS development and maintenance.


Riptide Software named its test suite according to ADL’s testing requirement so LRS providers could easily make a reference back to the xAPI specification for details. In addition, there are two different methods to creating tests. Tests can be created dynamically using templating or tests can be created manually. Manually creating tests provides an easy way for anyone to contribute to conformance tests.


The LRS conformance test suite helps LRS providers overcome any challenges faced when attempting to comply with the xAPI specification by providing a means of verifying compliance per the ADL’s testing requirements.

Tools Needed