Case Study: Leading Commercial Insurance Company Delivers Just-In-Time Performance Support for Systems Training


A leading commercial, rural and personal lines insurer and a top-three provider of workers compensation insurance delivers insurance protection to customers for nearly half a million properties, over one million motor vehicles, more than 125,000 businesses, and over 60,000 farms and hobby farms. That’s about 350,000 claims per year and nearly 1,000 claims per day. Training, change management, and communication is a critical component for ensuring the workforce is informed and ready to serve the customer effectively.


The company is currently undertaking a large-scale transformation of their internal systems and processes. To ensure the successful business adoption and support of this change, the team responsible for communication, change management and system training proposed an integrated approach to educating and supporting the workforce, requiring a solution that extended beyond what their Learning Management System alone could offer.

Core to this solution was the flexibility to offer pre-training material, ad-hoc updates, formal learning materials and post-launch performance support collateral through a single portal, the consumption of which contributed to an employee's readiness profile. Additionally, the team realized the need for employees to also report their own learning beyond what was officially offered by the organization without the constraints of a monolithic platform.

They chose to deliver updates, messaging, videos, documentation, and formal training for the initial launch of their new internal systems via their SharePoint intranet portal and required analytics beyond general traffic and event data. Important key measures included: content utilization, artefact effectiveness, attitudinal measurement, performance analytics (resource consumption versus on-the-job success data) and employee competencies


The company engaged Saltbox to leverage Wax LRS (Learning Record Store) for its scalable analysis capabilities and a couple of available pre-built integrations for connecting existing systems and tracking results. Saltbox assisted the company development team by providing a debugging dashboard, LRS subaccounts for testing and production, and Experience API services & support for tracking learning & performance data.

Example Experience API statement templates (modelling the tracking of activities and learning in their systems, provided by Saltbox) and Wax LRS specific API documentation made it easy to connect their learning and performance systems to the Learning Record Store.


Standard reports and competency analyses in Wax LRS are being used to gather key measures and near real-time insights about content utilization and employee readiness. The company has a standardized and reliable way to access all their training, communications, and resources utilization data in near real-time. Most importantly, employees can continue to use workflow systems.

Tools Needed