Case Study: Social Media with xAPI at Gate Retail Onboard


GateGroup is a multinational organization with operations on six continents. The Gate Group subsidiary, Gate Retail Onboard (GRO), is a one-stop retail solutions provider for airlines worldwide. As part of their services, GRO provides onboard sales and service training for airlines’ crewmembers.


GRO wanted to encourage social collaboration throughout their training experience. The e-learning portion of the training used xAPI and an LRS for experience tracking, and the LRS data was integrated into sales goals and performance metrics. A social media implementation was needed that could provide and track common tasks such as liking, posting, commenting and sharing data. The goal was to include social collaboration activity in the total training points accumulated.


After analyzing several open and closed source solutions for social collaboration, Riptide decided to develop a solution using xAPI and an LRS due to its interoperability and ease of use. Riptide extended the LRS functionality to expose the features of a social media platform directly to the Riptide Elements learning portal.


The use of xAPI for social media in learning removed the need for third-party vendors and simplified product development. xAPI provided a natural language to model common social media tasks. Reporting total training points to individual learners and aggregating to a points “leader board” was simplified by using the LRS. The information collected was used to improve staff training and give owners more insight into company performance.

Tools Needed